PUT's AZS sport club is one of the biggest student organisations at our University. At the moment the Club consists of 36 sport sections where almost 1,500 students practise sports regularly. It is the second university sports club in Poland in terms of number of its members.

Sportsmen and sportswomen from its sections take part and achieve significant successes in Poland Academic Championship, Polish Polytechnics Championship and Wielkopolska Region Academic Championship.

Sport sections

The club's sections that participate in Polish national championships are: field hockey (men and women) – extra league, chess – extra league, korfball - the first league, basketball (men) – second league.

 Besides active participation in academic sporting competitions, PUT's AZS sport club organises and carries out sport and recreation sessions for students and members of the University staff. 


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Additional information

AZS Politechnika Poznańska
ul. Piotrowo 4
60-138 Poznań

tel. SWF 61 665-25-17
tel. sala sportowa 61 665-27-17
mail: [email protected]