Afera Radio

Radio Afera is the oldest non-commercial radio station in Poznan that has been around since 1971 (on air since 1990 and available on the Internet since 2002). Programmes of PUT's radio station are broadcast from one of the University's residence halls on Piotrowo Campus. During the day the station offers mainly the best rock music and in the evening, little by little, it switches its focus to alternative artists. This remains in line with the station's motto: In Rocking and Alternative Way!

Besides good and original music, on Afera wavelength you can find programmes with humorous and cultural content, film reviews as well as many programmes devoted to student life. The radio's distinctive feature is the manner the programmes are hosted - informal, funny and often ironic, breaking through rigid frames of commercial gibberish attacking listeners from all sides.

Afera is also a true forge of journalism talents and a good school to learn the secrets of radio "craft". Many radio presenters and journalists, not only from Poznan, worked for the station in the past and they remember that experience as one of the most interesting adventures of their lives. Afera is not only a place of work, it is a place to meet people and make friends for life.



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